TESCO - Dairylea Dunkers (Breadstick Variety) - 24p !
TESCO - Dairylea Dunkers (Breadstick Variety) - 24p !

TESCO - Dairylea Dunkers (Breadstick Variety) - 24p !

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Just bought some of these in Tesco Express Manchester... in a mini mart (scaled down supermarket, fits inside a petrol station, sells anti-freeze, pasties, etc)

Don't know if this is online, or just instore, or just in the express stores, or just this one express store, or simply a figment of my imagination.

Never bought them before, but presume this is cheap since the other varieties were 59p ?



these are horrid- cold!

very cheap

rep for the alan partridge reference! haha

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these are horrid- cold!

You're horrid - xxxx

But seriously, the chaffinch is quite correct. Having tried them today, I wouldn't buy them again myself... your kids will eat any xxxxx you chuck at them these days, though. *thumbs up*


The jumbo tubes are better, but to be honest, I was rating this hot for the partridge reference alone.

12 bottles of windscreen washer fluid please. Fancy a pint?


You're horrid - xxxxxx.


Deal posts like this are ruining HUKD.



:?Deal posts like this are ruining HUKD.:viking:

and it's miserable gits like you ruining this country.



and it's miserable gits like you ruining this country.AHA!

Great productive, helpful 1st post.
Did you join just to say that??

More of the same please. not.

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EDIT: Actually, forget it.

A stranger on the internet isn't going to stop you being uptight and prissy.

I'm gonna go and buy loads of these just so that i can throw them at you all until you stop arguing

Then im gonna join all the breadsticks together with the cheese and use it as a lightsaber!

Awesome - how can that NOT be hot :thumbsup:

Me and esp my fella love the Jumbo Tubes Dunkers, but the breadstick ones are just foul, yak. Still a cool (or Hot) deal tho

"Nice array of Pasties you've got there..........fancy a drink?" AP Rules

i like these!!! :thumbsup:

i usually get them 3 for £1 so this is cheaper!

went to my tesco, these are 47p
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