Tesco Diets - 4 Weeks Membership For Only £12.12 !

Tesco Diets - 4 Weeks Membership For Only £12.12 !

Found 15th Jun 2012
Tesco Diets have lowered their sign-up period for a short time. When I joined in February it was 10 week minimum but now has been lowered to 4 weeks! So for £12.90 (£2.98 a week) you get diet membership, clubcard points back and cashback.

I normally can't stick to diets but have lost 2 stone since I joined 5 months ago. They have diet plans and mentors on hand 24/7 and chat places for support. And you chart your progress as it goes along. Also they do personalised menu's and mealplans, based around whether you enjoy cooking or whether you are a ready meal person. And all items can be purchased from them online and bought with the £10 new customer sign in discount bonus! All in all a very good diet scheme! Worth a try

Possible £20 cashback through quidco.
- anneclark97
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MyfitnessPal is free and has an app to use on the go with a built in scanner.
Check Tesco website/latest magazine as when they last promoted this they were giving away free bonus points for joining.
i guess the menus catered around the food they sell... very clever
you dont need to pay to know how to lose weight

theres information all over the internet....or just visit a local gym who will provide you with any info you need regards what to eat etc...
Couldn't find the 4 week deal but just signed up for 10 weeks.Cost £23.90,£20 cashback already tracked in quidco,£10 off groceries and clubcard points too.Cancel after 14 days,no hassle.I'm actually getting paid for joining!!

It's easy. Just eat less.
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