Tesco Direct - Half Price PowerA Zelda / Mario Nintendo Switch Game Card cases

Tesco Direct - Half Price PowerA Zelda / Mario Nintendo Switch Game Card cases

Found 6th May
Half Price Power A Switch Game Card Cases at Tesco Direct

Mario and Zelda variants available, looks like Amazon half price-matched on the Zelda one, but currently out of stock.

High quality cases that hold 12 game cartridges each.

Available with free click & collect.
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Good spot, I have the yellow ? One its a great compact case, very easy to get game cartridges in and out.
Just ordered zelda one thanks
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Thanks! These are great quality cases and well worth a fiver. Weird that Amazon have only price matched the zelda one
Thank you much easier with these
Fab. I have the ? One. These’ll do nicely
I have the Mario one, it's a quality case. Tempted to get another to store my spare memory cards :-)
I prefer the Hori Switch Game Card Case personally as it holds 24 games and 2 micro SD cards. Will be a b**** if you lost it tho
But heat for the deal
Nice find, grabbed 1 myself.
These are a must have for anyone with a switch IMO, take all your cartridges out of the case they come with and pop them all in this , I have the yellow "?" one and it's great quality. Nice to keep them all in one place and not have to carry all the game cases about when on your travels
I've bought this at full price and would definitely recommend! Nice build quality and the carts fit snuggly inside. Really nice simple design overall too.
Thanks for posting, order 2 of them.
Have some heat !
I have the ? case and can confirm that these are very good quality portable carry cases for switch cartridges. Very Random fact here but if you shine the ? case under uv light different parts on the case change colour which I thought was cool!
I dont even own a switch but i want this!!!
Sold out! Can't seem to find it on Amazon either
My order has been sent to the wrong store and because of that Tesco cancelled my order as the item I have ordered is now out of stock!!!
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