Tesco Direct & Instore :Star Wars New Millennium Falcon, now 1/3 rd off, was £149.99 now £99.97 +3% quidco

Tesco Direct & Instore :Star Wars New Millennium Falcon, now 1/3 rd off, was £149.99 now £99.97 +3% quidco

Found 9th Nov 2008
Star Wars New Millennium Falcon, 1/3rd off orginal price.

Was £149.99 Now £99.97

Catalogue no: 204-7437

Popped into my local Tesco Store and saw this on sale. This is also same price with Tesco direct

A must for any Star Wars fan.. .

Buy via Quidco and get 3% back............. possible other vouchers available to save even more money.......

Other Star Wars items also on sale.....

Not sure when offer started or finishes sorry............

Hope this helps someone, so please be kind, thanks
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LOL stone cold tat.

LOL stone cold tat.


Personal dislikes aside IS it cheaper elsewhere?

If so please advise!

Good price if you want it - still think its a ridiculous price though.

And that opinion has got nothing to do with not being allowed one when I was a nipper...
Yeah I agree, that it's still expensive, but my point of listing this was the saving, a parent of a Star Wars fan could save by buying this a Tesco or Tesco direct......

Personally, I think it's a good saving, as a mother of an 8 year old boy, who is Star Wars crazy and whom is asking for one on his Christmas list, I happy to save 50.00.........+ quico and any other discounts I can find to use...

Orginally my son fancied the Lego version of the The Millennium Falcon which is at £249.99............ and now he saw this in Tesco yesterday, and bless him , he brought it to my attention by saying that it was cheaper.....and that he's prefer this one instead... it can only be a hot deal for me...........
wait for the clone wars fever to pass and this will be sold for 50 quid.
You are sooooooooo right, but thats the same with all kids toys......... and you can guess this will be the case, not long after christmas:whistling:
Bit unfair of me to call it tat, I would have loved one of these when I was a kid. But that price? Someone is making a monstorous profit on these.
This is down to 75 pounds at some stores, 2 left Galleons Reach Tesco Extra (Beckton, London)
And you can double up your tesco vouchers (£32.50 worth will buy it).
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