Tesco Direct now tv with 2 months movies - £10 @ Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct now tv with 2 months movies - £10 @ Tesco Direct

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Out of stock yesterday I emailed for stock alert this has come back in stock today. Though still showing for stock alerts however if you click on the picture it is in stock I have just ordered and there is still the 250 club card points.
NB This has not expired yet

these are instore at this price as well and is national if anyone has one near.and also you get the 250 bonus clubcard points instore as well
- jynx88


Great deal, ordered! I expired by mistake though, sorry!

Thanks, used club are points

Was just about to post as received the stock email too and ordered. Heat

260 clubcard points worth more than the cost, at least £5.20 anyway

If its in stock id be suprised

What or where do you get a now Tv account Please? Thanks.

Ordered thank you so much for posting!

Now unavailable unfortunately. Good spot though

Ordered 2 as parents after one too. Heat added.

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Now unavailable unfortunately. Good spot though

Click the picture I just got one

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Still showing as available I just tried got to the checkout and its still there

I have just ordered. So it is still available. Thanks OP

I've just managed to order - so still there for me.

Thanks OP!

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some one has expired this - it has not expired

Says in stock but fails when you put it in your basket.

It said "Request stock alert" but when I clicked on it, it let me order 2

So yeah, still there. (Ordered 2 yesterday for sports passes)
Its the one device I never lose the remote for as I've about 5 remotes for one box

Merci, just got one using club card vouchers that I never knew I had

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still there just tried it

If you buy a few of these and then apply the codes at the same time, will NowTv just apply them all - so you could buy two boxes and have 4 months free - or do you need to wait a couple of months and then apply the scond code?

Also, is there a limit to the number of free month codes you can apply to an account? Is it worth buying 6 of these for a cheap year's NowTv?

Does flixster work with this ?

Just ordered even though it said out of stock thankyou!

Was looking for Now TV movie pass and box, great deal.

Ordered one after about five/six attempts to carry it to checkout. Think others must've been doing this at same time and maybe they cancelled, sounds like limited stock on their website. Not bad for a tenner. Cheers OP.

Another gadget to add to my ever growing collection.

legend!!!! got one!!! Thanks OP!

Thanks! Just got one

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Direct link: … Direct link: http://www.tesco.com/direct/now-tv-hd-digital-media-streamer-with-sky-movies-2-month-pass/799-4129.prd?pageLevel=&promoId=promo30170094&skuId=799-4129

thank you

Just got one! Thanks, said oos but then added to basket and was ok!

Anyone know how/where to get cheap Entertainment passes for this.. our 3 month pass is about to expire?

juat got 2 cheers.


Anyone know how/where to get cheap Entertainment passes for this.. our 3 … Anyone know how/where to get cheap Entertainment passes for this.. our 3 month pass is about to expire?

buy these

Sweet. I see a visit to cex coming on Tuesday...


Thanks for the stock alert OP!


Brilliant deal as you are effectively getting the box for free if you consider the 260 clubcard points (£2.60 value without boost, up to £10.40 with boost) and the movie pass is currently being sold on ebay for more than £10!

Just got one, does say out of stock but let's you add to basket and check out


buy these

sorry entertainment passes. should read more closely.
i could do with these.

Don't really know what this does but seems worth a punt for £10! Hear added...!

Can add the one with two sky sports day passes to the basket but if you actually click to have a look it states out of stock. So sure they will have to honour if your payment has gone through.

EDIT: Just ordered. Picture saying out of stock until you click to see the detail and it then says you have 6 hours or so to order one?

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Thanks ordered worth it just for points

how do these work? can someone please explain - thanks in advance.

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