Tesco direct payday deal. Terrain i-fold Folding Bike £75 free c&c RRP £120

Tesco direct payday deal. Terrain i-fold Folding Bike £75 free c&c RRP £120

Found 28th Feb 2015
Good price for a folding bike. £75. 50 reviews rated 4.1 out of 5. Free next day c&c.
Folding design
11" white steel frame with rigid steel forks. 6 gears
H101xW57xL150cm when open. H65xW36xL83cm when folded
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Looks good. Is this for adults?

Looks good. Is this for adults?

Yes for 14 year upwards.
Well, on the plus side, you'll be looking pretty ripped after carrying that bike folded up anywhere... Weighs an absolute ton. The folding mechanism destroys it. It isn't properly folding and it does take a while. Nowhere near as easy as aBrompton
I class this as a folding style bike, it can fold but not something you could do daily. its designed for people who think cycling is something they wish to do then they get a cheap bike and it puts them off for life.

any thin framed bike please.
a brompton is a good few hundred quid... if ur only planning on a small commute then this does a good job... besides if u use this then u can always make 75 quid bck on it and by a brompton...
I nearly bought this at 100 a few weeks back but it went up to 120!

Great price Co sideline it's past on that site.
Yes, it's not a brompton (one of those are around 10X the price) - but possibly trying out if you have a short (say a mile or two) commute to a station etc. Or need a bike very occasionally and don't want it to take up space.

The fold will likely drive you mad if you have to regularly use it though. Most commuters I know who start with something like this, end up with a brompton or similar after a year or two.
I've had a Strida folding bike for several years. Elegant design but lacks tbe gears which this bike has. This seems to be a good starter price for something you may only use occasionally.
Dear lord - that handlebar stem looks like a disaster waiting to happen !! (I say this having owned and sold a Dahon Speed P8 that has a much more substantial handlebar stem...yet which still felt dangerously bendy!)

If you plan on doing any kind of biking long term, Tern or Brompton's are the ones to look at. Tern for their near rigid bike feel & Physis 3D handlebar, & Brompton's for the amazing fold.
Boxing Day Sale, January Sale, Blue Cross Sale, Black Friday Sale, Flash Sale.... and now Pay Day Deal.

What's next? Just Give Us Your Money Sale?

... Nowhere near as easy as aBrompton

That'll be the basic £850 Brompton will it?
Bought this for £100 2 weeks ago. The folding mechanism does take getting used to and the Arc Screws it uses are fiddly, but effective, (as long as they're tight). However the front wheel was slightly out of alignment and the front brake was too tight, (and after loosening, it never worked once properly). After a week of fiddling i gave up on it and returned it (since paying a bike shop to repair it wouldn't be cost effective.) Decided to jog from the train station for a while lol.

Although i am tempted by the new price point, it still isnt worth the gamble again. Heat added though.
Cold, not a Brompton.
good reviews overall. looks good for occasional use. ordered thanks
okay if you have to catch a train in a unknown city.

bloody hell my feet snapped off when I had to go to leeds, my mobile sat navigation sent me in circles and circles.

That'll be the basic £850 Brompton will it?

Please stop stalking....
And anyhow, you do indeed get what you pay for. A good bit of Brompton engineering. Have you seen their QC and QA procedures etc? Each of their bike is incredibly built and worth every penny and usually last for a decade or more. So in reality, it would be cheaper, since if you want a folding bike, you'll chuck this in the bin and get one of those soon! I mean fair enough if you cannot afford one but as they say, second hand is better value.
4/5 average score, and people reporting that it's easy to fold, looks good. Someone wrote "My wife recently had her brand new bike stolen and was so upset that she decided not to bother cycling again, but these bikes have put the fun back into it again. Straight out of the box, they are easy to set up and ready to ride." I prefer not to have a £300+ bike as I'd be too scared to park it outside the supermarket - I never see those price bracket bikes parked anywhere in public.

These Tesco bike deals are deserve loads of heat. They won't last forever. They are in the spirit of what hotukdeals is meant to be about - or was.

The endless trolling on these value bike posts pretending to offer helpful insights is anti-cycling not pro-cycling however you dress it up. It's like a low budget denial of service attack on this site, from the inside.
its a bit on a heavy side but for shor tommutes between home and a train station etc will do just nicely. if you live in a flat like me this is a perfect value for money.
I would be interested not from a commuting point of view but being able to more conveniently get one or two bikes in the back of my car so we can take the bikes with us. This is practically impossible with our hybrids, even with removable front wheels.

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