Tesco direct sale online now
Tesco direct sale online now

Tesco direct sale online now

Just been on the Tesco direct site and it's come up with 1000's of items on sale as you can see in the photo!

Just when you click the links it says nothing found at the moment so keep an eye out as they may be updating the site as we speak!

Might be some bargains to be had so this is a heads up


It's working now

I get this - Whoops, this page seems to have gone missing

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Seems some of the links are not active yet.

They might have a complete load of rubbish offers but as I said maybe something to keep an eye on if they are starting the sale 'early'

Working for me


cant see many electricals in the sale, theres a few in womens beauty.

Not many bargains.

Got a feeling all this slightly reduced stuff will be slashed again by 50% after xmas.

don't understand. What's the deal here?

Hopefully not an another black Friday repeat.

most stuff still full price

They must be slowly adding items like asda george

I'm adding things from the sale section and prices are coming at the reduced even though they are showing full price. The website hasn't been updated with all the prices yet.

Just tested furniture and home ware and prices are reduced when you click into the product or add to basket.

brilliant on fragrance gift sets - 3 for 2 and further discounted when add to basket!
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Have you a link please?

Sure for example Calvin Klein comes up as 26pounds on main page but when click on link is actually 20pounds, add 3 to basket get 3for2 i.e. 40pounds for 3! Try some of the others as doesn't seem to work for all, but will still get 3for2

Calvin Klein tesco.com/dir…476

All fragrance gift sets tesco.com/dir…ets

Fairly poor reductions in Car and DIY

Anyone know when this is likely to go live properly?

today, boxing day sales start tomorrow.


today, boxing day sales start tomorrow.

its the 24th tomorrow btw


its the 24th tomorrow btw


the big sale runs for an entire month (until January 23rd 2015)

DonLt you just love UP TO half price sales - not!

third rate sale



Fairly poor reductions in Car and DIY

Seems pretty poor throughout. Doesn't seem much of a sale!

This isn't ready yet, these were all at £5 on click n collect 2 days ago, here there £15 ......... tesco.com/dir…778

YoYo prices do not make a genuine sale

1p discount on some toys...

Prices obviously by their Financial Accounts team :-)

Showed Sofas and Living room furniture in the sale this morning at about 2am but was not able to click the link... link now gone - URGHHHH!!

I found earlier you have to go into the item page to get the sale price. This was true earlier when luggage and mattresses were still showing full price on category pages but half price on the item page.

not a lot on offer or much off.

Seen these instore today toshiba 50 inch led tv 1080p said promo so assuming boxing day no price model is 50L2436D
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