Tesco Drive + Reward App for iOS / iPhone and Android

Tesco Drive + Reward App for iOS / iPhone and Android

Found 30th Jan 2016
Tesco Drive + Reward is a free driving app that could reward safe drivers with up to a 20% discount on Tesco Car Insurance.

Not sure if it gives any other rewards.

Better drivers could be better off with Tesco Drive + Reward, our new free driving app. The app rates your skills behind the wheel and could reward drivers with a discount off their Tesco Car Insurance. Three quarters of customers who use the app and buy Tesco Car Insurance will receive a discount. At least 10% of over 25s will get the 20% discount.

Download the app and share your driving with us for 250 miles
We'll give you feedback on your driving and give you a rating for each trip
You can unlock badges and earn rewards from Tesco as you go
If you drive well, you could earn a discount on Tesco Car Insurance
The number of customers expected to receive a discount is based on current customers who arrange their car insurance through Tesco Bank. It’s worth remembering that Clubcard customers will also always get a guaranteed discount on Tesco Car Insurance.

Link for iOS:

Link for Android:
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Is this just what Norwich union have been doing for yonks
Yeah its just a white label of the aviva app - Will save you money if you are going with Tesco car Insurance but best just to compare
'Could' = Could, woulda, shoulda, - Cold from me tracking for a discount the may or may not happen
Uber should incorporate this technology into their app!
Go Compare
Tesco insurance is expensive. You'd save a lot more by forgetting this app and comparing insurance companies yourself. My insurance with Tesco would be £525.29 - 20% = £420.23. Admiral - £292.57 (fully comp).
You get some other rewards with this.

Doing a few green drives (not accelerating too fast, take corners smoothly, braking in time and going within the speed limit) gets you a free coffee at the tesco cafe.

Worthwhile shopping around of course for insurance but I know that Tesco was a decent price for me when I looked on comparison sites.

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