Tesco (Egham) LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Transport Pod Toy - £20 instore

Tesco (Egham) LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Transport Pod Toy - £20 instore

LocalFound 4th Feb
Found this in the local Tesco's, might be worth others looking in their locals. I believe there was still one left on the shelves when I left, I was tempted to buy both but decided not to be greedy!
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Asda were selling this for £20 last week, still couldn't bring myself to buying it. I've a feeling that this collection of mid-priced Star Wars is going to be a flop.
Horrible price for 2 figures and bb8. Should be a tenner at most
Marked at £19.50 in my Tesco. Boycotting anything to do with such a terrible film
This is crazily overpriced , even for SW Lego... it's comparable to the Phantom from 3 years ago;


that set set had two figs and similar sized ship. The RRP was £20.

This is is worth only £20 in my view. Guessing Lego are having to pay crazy licence fee or they are justgetting super greedy
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Based on the new AT-ST I'm starting to wonder if its Disney getting greedy, after all they've just spent a fortune buying Fox, and are about to get serious about their streaming service (Star Wars trilogy no longer available on NowTV), and trying to shore up its revenue?
I got mine from Widnes at £13.65
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To be fair I didn't think it looked like a £40 item. I had to check Amazon first to check whether it was ever a £40 toy.
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