Tesco Everyday Value baby Lotion 20p (500ml)

Tesco Everyday Value baby Lotion 20p (500ml)

Found 27th May 2013
Tesco value baby lotion, smells very nice and can be used both by adults and kids.
Was initially 9p, then went up to 46p, but has come down to 20p and has remained so. The shampoo and baby bath are still 46p.
So the lotion is good value for money @ 20p for a 500ml bottle
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worth buying. saw it on watchdog or similar andcame I think 2nd in lots of test over top brands.
Why the cold votes? Just interested to know as sounds great to me, OP!
Big bottle of chemicals - 20p. HEAT.
yes, it has been classed at par with nivea and loreal products. hot even at its normal price of 46p...20p is a steal.
all Tesco products (shampoo, baths, moisturisers, handwash...etc.) have received top rating in comparison studies so no point in wasting money on the big labels.
Same price in Morrisons, I us this stuff pre shave after a shower and leave for a few minutes that way the skin isnt as rough and the shave lasts longer
I wonder if this would have heat if they still used this bottle design/look. 'Clever' Tesco

will give it a go .. although it will diff to convince my wife (as she thinks that I buy only cheap stuff :-()
Does it help free them when they get stuck in pipe work?

Too soon?
I think the real question here is, will it burn and or sting?
banging! raid the stores before all the dolers come
same price in morrisons
Bought 3 bottles of this when it was 9p for daily use after a shower on myself - very impressed for the price, its not a rich lotion but it rubs in easily and smells nice enough
PS I have very sensitive skin and this is fine on it x
Was 9p, now 20p - deal?!
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