Tesco Everyday Value Strawberry Jam 454g 10p in-store @ Tesco Sale

Tesco Everyday Value Strawberry Jam 454g 10p in-store @ Tesco Sale

LocalFound 15th May
454g of Strawberry Jam. Don't expect to find any strawberries in it. Doesn't taste amazing but perfect for baking!

Expires 2020

In-store Tesco's Sale


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Still 39p in my local.

I stopped buying it when they hiked the price this year from 25p, a whopping 65%.

Aldi have the same at a much lower price.
Maybe rebranding to 'Hearty Food Co.' like they have with other stuff.
How does bob marley like his donuts???.. with JAMIN
Glass has to cost not far off 10p.........
Is this a national offer??.. Will get a couple of quids worth for Patch our local food bank if it is.
I like to spend a little more on something like this, about a pound that is.
is this a good substitute for Bonne Maman?
I think they are discontinuing their ‘value’ range, 1kg porridge oats were reduced to 60p in my Tesco.
afroylnt11 h, 15 m ago

Glass has to cost not far off 10p.........

Exactly what I thought... If the glass costs 10p I don't think this is made out of real strawberries.
May as well have a bag of sugar with some strawberry colored syrup added. True, not as cheap as 10p, but it will certainly taste the same.
Its worth it for the jars,i normally buy cheap jars of jam and chuck away the jam so as to package my own peanut butter.
if you buy "proper" jars they are about 95p and upwards
As mentioned above, they are discontinuing the value range - I was told this by head office when I called about the chocolate digestives at 44p, and which are now replaced by a very similar item but in a less 'cheap' looking packaging.
Seems they cannot compete on the 'cheap and cheerull' image of the value range, compared to aldi, lidl etc, so are trying to make it appear to be better quality by improving the packaging.

Regarding this jam, Morrisons cheap jam is 28p and tastes brilliant, my kids love it and are usually fussy.
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