Tesco  Express selling 'super cooks candles and holders'

Tesco Express selling 'super cooks candles and holders'

Found 29th Sep 2008
went into Tesco Express on the London Rd in Slough today and i picked up a packet of Super Cook 24 candles and 12 holders for my daughters birthday party, they are originally around 89p but when i got to the till theyu came up as 4p!!! cant go wrong with that :-D
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4p or 40p?
I would guess 4p because I bought some a couple of months ago and they were going through at 12p then!
Can you confirm this is 4p please ]haj? Also, please add the price and retailer name to the thread title.
Well once haj has edited, seems a good price. I will pop into on my way to work!
its 4p!! they are still going for the same price, so worth getting.
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