Tesco extension reel  £3.50 instore @ Tesco

Tesco extension reel £3.50 instore @ Tesco

Found 22nd Feb 2011
The 5mtr extension reel (white case) advertised at £7 went through the till at £3.50. (Wilko's £8.50ish) at new Portland store.


Its actually marked at £3.50 in Stockport store.

Thanks for posting, needed one of these for a while and managed to get one in my local Tesco Was marked up at £3.50 on a yellow shelf label.

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Now that is interesting as we noticed several hiccups in this store which had only been open 24 hrs, ie bacon costing £1.74 ish, buy two for £4 ish and packs of envelopes 25 for 60p whilst 50 cost 50p, so maybe they had not put up the yellow £3.50 stickers.

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Today I returned the 5 metre extension cable which had cost £3.50, and in it's place bought a 12 metre extension cable which came up as £1.25, so I bought two !

Hiya Kingfisher,

We're in Underhill and had several issues with incorrect pricing in the Portland store.
I'll keep an eye on your posts incase you find anymore bargains there, will pop up tomorrow for a couple of 12m ones if they have any left.

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Hi saintscouple

There were none on display. I asked an assistant and he brought out two types, one was the 12 metre and the other was a 10 metre.They were unpriced so we had them scanned, the 12 was £1.25 and the 10 was £7.50 this was confirmed twice. Mind you the dearer one was on a metal frame. They should be under the car accessories, if not ask a guy to go out and look. If he returns empty handed, ask when they are due in. I was told they are to be a regular line.

Another anomaly I found was envelopes, 25 = 60p, 50 = 50p

On MSE they know that Tesco have many items going through at 1p. I mentioned this at Tesco and they confirmed there ARE items going through at 1p, it's a case of keeping your eyes open and ears to the ground.

Southampton to Portland for bargains ? Well Southampton shows as your location. We;re in Wyke.

I see on re-reading I'm repeating myself. I see on re-reading I'm repeating myself.

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Damn, another thing i have to change. We moved from Southampton in Dec, so only been down here a few months and still finding our feet. Don't know anyone down here, so a fresh clean start for us, and enjoying every minute of it.
We were mowing the garden this afternoon and couldn't do half of it as we only have a 10m extension cable, thus a couple of those 12m ones should hopefully reach (better than paying out £20+ for a 20m one.
I used to be a board guide on MSE, and a duty manager for Tesco for my sins, and the 1p items are discontinued stock that the store is meant to throw away. With Portland being a new store i doubt there will be many 1p items as yet, but with many of the staff new we should soon start to see them on the shelves, as they wouldn't know they're meant to be binned.
If/when i see any i'll send you a message.

On a seperate note, do you know anywhere local i can get some rockery stones cheap?
I tried the Albion quarry, but they sell their odd-cuts for £50 a tonne, and are not rockery type and more slab like.


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saintscouple, Sending PM
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