Tesco farnworth pop up gazebo - £25

Tesco farnworth pop up gazebo - £25

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pop up gazebo only 2.4m square one or two left on shelf


Thanks OP just what we wanted, picked up the last one this morning

A few in the Walkden store yesterday afternoon.

Do they sell the sides at all?

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Didn't see the sides, not put mine up yet hope it's not faulty or there'll be no replacements

1 left in padiham tesco albeit with a ripped box. Suppose these are OK for the money but don't expect too much, they're pretty weak

Are these the assemble type (white poles) or the metal framework?

Doubt it's a pop up at that price. I just got a nice white 3m x 3m with the self assemble poles delivered for under £20 from fleabay. better than this unless this is pop up. They usually around £60

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It's pop up that's why I put pop up in the post lol anyway put it up today seems ok nothing more, not the best quality but for 25 quid worth it. Gotta say the material isn't the plastic type like the cheaper push together ones so wether it's waterproof remains to be seen

Not sure if should be posted as new deal or on this one but:

Tesco Broughton Road Edinburgh.
They are selling the same Tesco Gazebo at £9.00. Had 8 or so on the shelf when I got mine

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