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Posted 17 April 2023

Tesco Finest Cakes (Chocolate / Lemon Drizzle / Victoria Sponge / Carrot /Red Velvet / Coffee & Walnut) £2.25 Clubcard Price @ Tesco

£2.25£325% off
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  1. michael18941's avatar
    I ate an entire caramel and chocolate cake that said it was reduced from 5 pounds to 2.25 from Tesco,I ate the lot in a hour then looked at the packaging - at the bit where it says it serves 6 ,whoooooops 🤦‍♂️ It did taste great though to be fair. (edited)
    diane37W's avatar
    I’m sure these are getting smaller. Feed 6?..😳
  2. gram333uk's avatar
    really good cakes for £3... up in price recently, i wonder if this is a trend that the prices are peaked and coming down
    hukdbargain's avatar
    HaHa great one - that really did make me laugh
  3. RAH112's avatar
    Tesco finest cakes probably the best ones out of the big 4 supermarkets.
  4. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    How to put on weight in a couple of days, especially the coffee & walnut with double cream.

    Here lies the last will and testamentof Willy-W who died from a heart attack whilst enjoying great cake!
    Mysticaltopaz24's avatar
    What do points make
  5. madridpaid_the_referee's avatar
    Coffee and walnut cake is the best one for me
    Mysticaltopaz24's avatar
    Totally ! My fave too 🍰
  6. 3LeggedDog's avatar
    What has the world come to when you can buy a chocolate cake for less than the price of a carton of decent orange juice, or a large 6pt milk
  7. Mich_The1's avatar
    Feeds 1
    Andrew_K's avatar
    50003649-fWVGe.jpg"6 servings"
  8. Rich069's avatar
    The Red Velvet is sooo nice 🏼
  9. Andrew_K's avatar
    I'm supposed to be conservative with my diet... then again it's not HotDietDeals.
    Currently contemplating being by their door when they open in the morning
  10. LoveChristmas38's avatar
    Death by chocolate cake.x 🍰 🤭🤐
  11. Solidcancer07's avatar
    No carrot cake 
    But lemon drizzle and choco here I commee 
  12. roger.bottoms's avatar
    £2 on offer everywhere else...use your Clubcard & Tesco still scr3w you where the sun don't shine...Every Little Helps!
    deleted17634's avatar
    You got links to these £2 offers everywhere else Mr B? (edited)
  13. Jxy's avatar
    Same in Sainsbury’s with taste the difference equivalents
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