Tesco Finest Half a Duck HALF PRICE £2.14
Tesco Finest Half a Duck HALF PRICE £2.14

Tesco Finest Half a Duck HALF PRICE £2.14

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Saw it today whilst shopping in Tesco, sorry no pics available. It is fresh not frozen. By the way it is an offer it was not a reduced item.


It's the finest half a duck I've seen.

That's a 'quacking'deal

crispy half duck for pancakes? xx

Will have a look

Original Poster

You are all quackers thats for sure

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Life is cheep

But which half?

i luv a duck

D**cking hell! It's also available on-line..


Do they sell pancakes separate??


Do they sell pancakes separate??

If not both sainsburys and waitrose do

Your halfing a laugh.:thumbsup:

a duck for £4.28 .... that's what we're ducking about!

Good price, can't beat a bit of duck!

Bargain! Rep added 4 you

Good price but I've yet to have anything tha beats the Costco ones:thumbsup:


As cuddles would say..."I ate that duck".

Half price for half a duck... seems fair, would only pay full price for a full duck. lol :P

I joke I joke, I kid I kid.

Even by factory farming standards these poor ducks have a ducking terrible life. They are ducklings too.

has anyone mentioned the poor quality of life for these ducks? oh yeah up there - who gives a duck?

Duck my old boots! great deal :-D

thats a quacking deal ;-)

With the Orville and Cuddles reference we truly reached the bottom of the pond....

I think you all have a fantastic career ahead as S*n headline writers... :-D

Duck all in my local Tesco

It isn't a finest product, just a normal Tesco item but still worth the money!
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