Tesco Finest Jumbo Prawns (225g) **HALF PRICE** - £2.50

Tesco Finest Jumbo Prawns (225g) **HALF PRICE** - £2.50

Found 24th May 2010
Tesco Finest Jumbo Prawns will be half price at £2.50 from 25th May. Just a heads up - if you like them!

Offers ends 14th June 2010.
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Yes I do like them (a lot) but this is one of the regular Tesco cons. They are 'half price' for extended periods and only revert to full price from time to time to keep Tesco on the right side of ineffective consumer legislation.

Buy a few when they're this price and ignore when they're a fiver.

With that proviso they are hot.
Its the same with everything these days - overpriced then you think you're getting a bargain when they're reduced to the "normal" price!
No, not everything, but some regular items like these in Tesco and cheese most places. Oh, and half the stuff in Argos (eg cameras). However, it seems to work and it's legal so why wouldn't they. Buyer bewrae.
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