Tesco Finest Kriek half price at £0.69 down from £1.39

Tesco Finest Kriek half price at £0.69 down from £1.39

Found 2nd Dec 2011
Tesco Finest Kriek 250ml is now down to 69p!

This kriek is the proper stuff as well, brewed by a proper Belgian Brewer with Lambic beer and cherries. NOT the 'Kriek-style' stuff they used to sell.

Really tasty.
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Looks like I will be going to Tesco tomorrow..heat
Is it online or in store?
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Yep definitely worth it, i've stocked up. Should last me a while it's very sweet so I only have one or two at a time.

Brewed by Van Honsebrouck brewery in Ingelmunster Belgium for anyone interested!
Have lots of respect for these "specialist' beers. Nice to keep a few around when you need a kick but want something different.

Hot from me, but I'll need a BIG trolley!
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Is it online or in store?

I saw it in store
Not in Chelmsford people :(, £1.49
Nor in large Blackpool store
£1.04 in Orpington. Still got some though!
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Oh ok. It was in the Basingstoke store and the staff said it was a nationwide deal
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Although might be worth checking you're looking at the same stuff, for some reason this is kept with the ales and not with the speciality beers (and other Krieks). At least in the Basingstoke store anyway...
It was in the ales/bitter section which I did feel was quite strange (and took me ages to find!)
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