Tesco Finest Limited Edition Pigs In Blankets Crisps150g 25p instore Tesco

Tesco Finest Limited Edition Pigs In Blankets Crisps150g 25p instore Tesco

LocalFound 3rd Feb
Tesco Finest Limited Edition Pigs In Blankets Crisps150g 25p Colchester Tesco near Greenstead. at the end of the chrisp section
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Same price in stourbridge store
Got some the last few weeks. Nice and meaty!
Also @ Blackpool
Nice OP just put these in my trolley. Lovely crisps.
Also at Southend one
What’s the dates on them people?
Pigs in blanket flavour = smoky bacon.
Got some in Chichester. Dated June 2018.
This rtc party food seems to very store to store ?
50p in one here pound in the other

not sure it is worth the bother anyway ?
Got some in Gillingham Extra yummy at 25p
going to ASDA last night as usual bread 10p
This IS a Nationwide offer unlike most Wild goose Tesco deals... Op Should adjust the title accordingly... Heat given..
Got two packets yesterday. Heat.
Good luck with the aftermath on these , nothing repeats on you like these , evil
I tried them and wasn't impressed with the flavour, heat for this price tho
Tried these around the festive period. Not a very strong or accurate flavour. Wouldn't say no for 25p though, good value for people who love savoury snacking.
Found these today and bought 8
brychris3rd Feb

What’s the dates on them people?

Which people?
Got a pack in Tesco Woolwich, dates 30th June 2018
Barcode anyone?
Gonzo201116 m ago

Barcode anyone?

Yes, mine definitely had a barcode.

Scanned at 25p in Liverpool Park Road.
These aren't even Christmas stock btw. Production date is 18/01/2018 from my local. Cheeky buggers. Shows the profit mark up on all the other flavours they still sell at full price.
Besford2 h, 14 m ago

Which people?

People who have seen these at this price Instore!
Can anyone take a photo of the barcode on the crisp packet please
I got some thanks still getting deliveries in for these
Found in Sunderland branch
25p in my local too but shelf was bare
bought 2 packs, 25p in my local, no price/clearance tag at all which is just as well, if there was a tag they'd be gone so quickly.
bought another 3 packs today, plenty left on shelf. essentially a mild smoky bacon flavour, cant go wrong for 25p. date on mine was august 2018.
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