Tesco Finest Salted Caramel Liqueur down from £12 to £8

Tesco Finest Salted Caramel Liqueur down from £12 to £8

Found 18th Dec 2014
I quite fancied this when I saw it at £12 but decided I had enough Baileys for the season, just checked it though and it's now down to £8, definitely worth a punt at that price.
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Sounds tasty ☺
It is tasty. Very tasty.
I hope they stock this in one of the 5 Tesco Expresses that are within a 10 minute walk of me... (_;)

Love anything salted caramel, will keep an eye out for it
Going to give this a try. Thanks for posting.
Nearly bought this 3 weeks ago when it was on here for same price but then it got expired for some reason - glad its back as i'd love to try it!
This is amazing in hot chocolate.
hmm worth a try
This stuff is yummy, was drinking it whilst wrapping presents last night
probably awesome over breakfast cereal, assuming you dont drive to work that is

This is amazing in hot chocolate.

Ooh, I like your thinking!
That's another gift for hubby x
God damnit I hope this is in my local store.
mmmm salty
Sounds tasty, smells tasty, it's definitely neither. Bought this last week and am using it as a deterrent to those people who only make a point of seeing you at Christmas, they won't come back after this!!! LOL
I need to find this! Heat!
Might have to give this a go!
Ooooo salted caramel. Sounds nice
It's ok - a bit sickly. If you havent tried Merlyn as a Baileys alternative I'd give that a go as that was £10 down from £15 and is lovely. Voted Hot though as it's a good price.
great!!! cheers!!
Was back to £12 recently, nice stuff, wouldn't pay £12 for it though.

That's another gift for hubby x

Poor hubby.

Poor hubby.

Ha ha. He loves this stuff
Tescos here I come
For me, it's not the sort of drink I can have much of in one go. However it's ideal to go in a hot chocolate or coffee
Remember to try this award winning cheapie cream liqueur too!
The salted caramel taste is very subtle, hard to distinguish from a normal cream liqueur. A little bit disappointed.
I don't normally drink (boring) but this is V nice. Drink on itsown or add big slug to ur fave coffee.:-)
Got some if this a few weeks ago, it is excellent - easily on a par with Baileys in terms of quality.
Drinking some now, it's yum...
heat added
It's lush in coffee. Really lovely.
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