Tesco Finest Wine Buy 3+ bottles get 20% off
Tesco Finest Wine Buy 3+ bottles get 20% off

Tesco Finest Wine Buy 3+ bottles get 20% off

Tesco have 20% off a range of wines if you buy 3 or more bottles. Maybe not so good on its own, bit some of the wines in the range are already discount, so you get this on top.

This Rioja Crianza is down from £8--£5, buy 3 and you get it for £4.

& This fizz should be £5.60.


Is this red or white and what's it taste like ?

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The deals applies to a whole range of wines, red, white rose & fizz. The Rioja Crianza is red and the fizz white. The word crianza means it has spent at least a year in an oak barrel. Often good value, crianza. I am going to try both of these.

Thanks for the info ! Me too

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FWIW, both of the examples I used in the offer are good value compared to similar products available at the other supermarkets:

Price comparisons:

Has this finished? Can't get it to work today?

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The deal is still on. But, I posted a couple of suggestions that were double deals, with a reduction followed by the 20% for 3+. The reduction on the crianza has gone, just leaving the 20% for 3+. The Pignoletto is still a double deal, and there are loads of others. This is the link to the reds on offer:
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