Tesco Fleece Throw 150 x 130cm £2.00 in store, assorted colours.

Tesco Fleece Throw 150 x 130cm £2.00 in store, assorted colours.

Found 6th Oct 2009Made hot 6th Oct 2009
Fleece throw 130 x 150 cm. Available in assorted bright colours. I bought red, green and blue, also saw white. Tesco branded so should be available across stores. Couldn't find them online. Lots in the Leyland store. I thought two pounds was a bargain.
Great for the kids to snuggle up in, or for grown-ups perticularly if you have someone to share.


i like the green one, bet there is none down here in sunny plymouth!

Dog owners should note that Tesco's 'pet' fleece blankets with cute paw prints on them cost twice as much and are half the size.

Thanks! I use these on my dogs bed, usually get them for £1.96 at b&m but will save me the trip. At this price they're disposable!

Thanks op, hope my store have got some, I love these little fleecey blankets :thumbsup::thumbsup:

thanks, will try get a few of these....i like to keep a few in the car to keep the kids cosy on way home from grannys

Picked up a couple of red ones in Weston Favell Tesco a few days ago, no green or blue though, otherwise I may be tempted by another, heh. The cream/white one looks like a stain-magnet.

i got a green one in plymouth - yeah!

Thanks the gf will love them!
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