Tesco Folding Camping Chair instore only £2

Tesco Folding Camping Chair instore only £2

Found 17th Nov 2017
Went in to my local Tesco and noticed a large selection of camping chairs that had been reduced to £2 for the large sized chairs and £1.88 for the children's size both sizes came in lots of different colour options
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Where is your local?
These are great. I got 2 for £10 in march...strong reliable and I've used them everyday ...fab price at £2
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I'm in Llandudno, but the staff did say that it's a nationwide thing, there just clearing out the stock
Showing as £8 on the website, deal must be instore only
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It is in store only, the staff said there selling off any stock in store
£8.00 in my local.
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