tesco free 3month dvd rentals
tesco free 3month dvd rentals

tesco free 3month dvd rentals

get unlimited free films for three months
no postage or late fees
return all disks before end of three months for no obligation

rent three films at a time

free rental code - tsww9876
- boncylad

above code is only for the 2-DVD option.
use TSZZ9876 for 3-DVD option, free for 3 months
- dr.met.ty


Tesco DVD Rental is powered by LOVEFiLM

Thank You for the post. 3 months with Tescos then see if I can a further 2 months with Blockbuster - BARGAIN!!!:santa:

PS This is only for the 2 DVD rental. Not complaining though!

Thanks for this and Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way :santa:

Got a gift voucher today but already a member :-(

I wonder if it will work if I cancel and rejoin - doesnt have an expiry date on it!!

nice one! hopefully this will still work in the new yr, i'm going away over christmas so it'd be a waste starting now

I have a slightly different code, and I dont know why.


Damn, already with Tesco

sweet code, i reactivated an old account and i dont have to pay for 2 whole months......!!!!

Muchas Gracias.

Does this apply to Game Rentals aswell?


it doesnt say its 3 months?
Select your subscription package type
Your promotional deal is on the DVD - 2 Disc unlimited package

Just a note- the TSZZ9876 code is for 2 months 2 discs, BUT the great thing is that it counts as a reactivation code! You can cancel your account (after having used one of the other codes maybe) and reactivate it with that code for another FREE 2 months! Excellent! I think I've been a member with them for nearly a year now and I haven't paid anything!

currently in a lovefilm contract till mid novemeber.

anyone know when this 3 months tesco code expires?

Yeah thanks for this now the kids can choose what they want, nothing to pay it says till the 18th of dec...i always feel guilty ending it before the first payment so ill pay the first payment, £4. something for 3 months sounds v good tome lol


TSZZ9876 worked fine as a reactivation code for me, next payment 31st dec i got 3 months free for some reason. Thought it was meant to be 2?

Thanks signed up today using original OP code and it gave 3 months free trial for 2 discs unlimited.


Can you get games too on this package
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