Tesco free sim + £20 topup gets £40 extra credit
Tesco free sim + £20 topup gets £40 extra credit

Tesco free sim + £20 topup gets £40 extra credit

£60 credit for £20 !

on the Extra plan thats a bargain !

clubcard points aswell

22p for every £10 top up ( 15 % VAT credit )


Yea All Well But How Much Is The Call Tarrif

A direct link - tescomobile-freesim.co.uk/

Q. I assume you can carry forward unused credit but for how many months?

A. Free credit takes 48 hours to activate and is valid for one month.

The mrs and daughter are on this. You can add 5 fav numbers makes it 5 pence a min or text. the £40 last for one month and it is used b4 you use any of your £20. My wife works it like this. £20 topup £40 free , She uses the £40 in the first month then for the second month she uses here original £20 credit . She then tops up again £20 and uses the £40 that month and her £20 the following month etc. Works out to £10 a month for £30 credit with the five fav numbers it can go quite far. This will go cold as it has been posted a few times. Adding some heat though because I think its a ok deal.

Edit* forgot to mention you can add your clubcard to this as well for each topup you will get points too.

Not Such A Good Deal Me Thinks

5 pence a minute 5 pence a text and £30 for a tenner that is not a bad deal is it. It's the no contact pay as you go what I like about it. Yes you will get much better on a contract .

Edit* the mrs has just told me it's 10 pence a min and 5 pence a txt to your fav 5 numbers

How Old Is This Deal Been Posted Many A Time Before!!!!
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