Tesco Frost Guard 75p instore Tesco

Tesco Frost Guard 75p instore Tesco

LocalFound 17th Feb
Frost Cover for your car. George Street CR0

10 left in stock
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Stick them on your freezer shelf so your freezer food don't stick.
Asda WERE doing their icebscraper for 50 P YESTERDAY
leave it in your boot or in the cupboard under the stairs, anywhere but the windscreen..brilliant
Have checked a few store in Midlands after getting one. Looks national to me
Great find, Op. Just in time for the big freeze.
Same price in Abingdon on Friday
Picked up a few of these a few weeks ago in Edinburgh Hermiston gate store - a good few left.
Heat for a good price, but I bought 2 a few weeks ago and they are not at all fit for purpose.

As they have no plastic or wire edging for stiffness , they just blow around in any breeze there may be.

The slide flaps which jam in the door don't allow you to apply any decent tension.

Worth having as a backup in the glove box, but I'd invest a bit more cash for something better.
Still at least 20 on the shelf in Newtownbreda Belfast
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