Tesco half price sale - reduced further

Tesco half price sale - reduced further

Found 14th Oct 2016
Just been to Tesco (Dudley) and they've started to reduce some of the items in the 50% toy sale further.

Animal rescue toys now £12

Barbie - baking cakes doll now £8.50

Bob the builder work bench now £15

Disney princess tea set now £4.20

Probably more but that's only the ones I noticed.


not happy there's an extra 2p off a set I bought lol

not online though?

Any valid discount codes available? For toys

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Just in store from what I can see.

Lots of cheap bargain toys reduced in this Tesco today! Lots of the Star Wars buildable figures ranging between £3-£7, playmobil special packs 90p, Star Wars bop it about £4, ironman vs captain America items to plus lots of other bits!

Checked Westwood cross yesterday and nothing there, im guessing some stores do it later depending on size, that ones a bigger popular store so more likely to aell

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There half price sale has finished now so unsure what will happen.
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