Tesco has packs 500g parsnips and sprouts for 5p

Tesco has packs 500g parsnips and sprouts for 5p

LocalFound 28th Dec 2017
Tesco veg offer of 5p for pack of sprouts and parsnips. Cauliflower 10p. 500g packs. Bubble n squeek here I come
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Great deal - not in London tho. Or at least not the one I went to yesterday. All veg that had been 29p was back to usual prices (i.e. £1).

If you find it, nab it and enjoy! I shall continue being a London grump
please no more parsnips
I went to my Asda where the 20p carrots/parsnips/broccoli/sprouts were reduced to 5p. However they were in such a poor state. The broccolis were all yellow etc.
Such a shame!.
How did the vegetables go bad so quickly?.
Great big stand of all of em just inside doors of beccles tesco this morning. If it's clearance there's a hell of a lot of stock
Our local Tesco have the 5p Sprouts right next to the Air Fresheners - true story.
Tesco is always the last to reduce anything, it holds out till all the offers turn green, these will last you max 2 days
More of the folks letting guffs of over the new year. Any deals on air fresheners?
Not near me - the sprouts are now a whopping £1 a bag
Can't remember the price of the parsnips but they are not cheap
Just been in my local Asda where they are giving sprouts and parsnips away for free
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