Tesco home brew and wine kits clearance
Tesco home brew and wine kits clearance

Tesco home brew and wine kits clearance

Saw the other deals on this posted last week and just popped in Tesco today must be marking down again - in store only - we found this lot!!!!

All kits down to £3.50 and Wine kits to £5.50 the starter kit kit was £7.50 and will make 6 nice bottles - hic hic

might be a worth look.............


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Reciept[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/adscwb/IMG_20170226_151028.jpg]Hope this works![/url]

AA? :P

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AA? :P

Code for what??

OH! - Alcohlic A - not me I'm selling this lot!!!!

Make me an offer lol

Love it when Hot Deals works so well, super find xx

Nice dog too !

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Yes my wife is lovely!

woodforde wherry is also £5, which is a mega bargain. just picked up the last 3 in port glasgow

These were all down another 90% today!! In Glasgow anyway but shelf was emptied within an hour. 55p for 30 bottles of wine though can't say no! was happy paying £5.50 last week! Worth a look in your local that had a brew aisle as they are doing away with the section altogether and my local Extra store has now turned it to a garden section with summer slowly approaching! 25p for 40pints ain't bad either! Or 6 bottles wine 25p!! Crazy prices. I wasn't too greedy as had carry by hand but someone else left with a trolley full and I'm sure they'll be removing the 55p and selling for £25. I'm more interested in making my own wine never tried it before and can experiment and ruin the odd batch or two without losing much but sugar costs!!!
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