Tesco (in-store) Glade Plug-ins for £1.50

Tesco (in-store) Glade Plug-ins for £1.50

Found 27th Nov 2009Made hot 27th Nov 2009
At my local Tesco they have Glade plug-ins at half price, £2.00. The Scented Apple and Clean Linen variety have a 50p off coupon attached. If you remove this before check-out and present it when paying, the effective price becomes £1.50. The re-fills alone were £3.59.



i bought one of these the other week, and the voucher states it is only redemable for the refill not the whole unit.

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You're correct, it does state that on the voucher that it's for a refill. I didn't look too closely to see if it stated that it WASN'T for the plug-in, but it worked for me. Bought 3 of each scent for £9.

good price

The spiced apple is a LOVELY christmas smell Everyone who comes in my house asks after it

Thanks, I spend a fortune on these!

The voucher was accepted at the quick till.

Ooh, I'll have to pop into Tescos later on and get some of these for my room. I'd swear something's died in there. Either that or the French people I keep in my closet are making cheese somewhere in there.

A good price but personally I would never have one of these devices in my home. I mean the idea of having something continually pumping out un-unatural & potentially harmful chemicals throughout the air? I think I will pass!

But each to their own of course... :whistling:

These things give you cancer!!! Oh happy xmas:whistling:
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