TESCO INSTORE 3 for 2 on Schoolwear

TESCO INSTORE 3 for 2 on Schoolwear

Found 28th Jun 2008
Just been to tescos and they have 3 for the price of 2 on there schoolwear.

Had shirts, trousers, polo shirts, skirts, pinifores, summer dresses, shirts, jumpers, cardigans for the 3 for 2


Made the mistakeof buying Tesco school trousers (Teflon) for my two boys last year .... never again! didn't last 5 minutes. The qulity is no where near as good as M&S (who are also doing 3 for 3) or Next .

Haven't voted either way as still a good spot and thanks for the post.

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Ive always had tescos trousers and they have been fine, the ones my son is wearing now is over a year old now and still alright. Maybe it depends on what age trousers they are?!?

the link does not work i agree m and s much better quality

Personally think M & S better but I have had good and bad from Tesco. The cheapest ones are polyesterish and go shiny but the slightly more expensive ones fared a bit better.


School trousers are gunna get abused anyway so just buy whatever

I've found with tesco trousers they've always been too loose on the leg for my son, though the girls ones are usually ok for my daughter.
BHS do the best value school trousers that fit nicely and when they have their 20% off offers they're usually cheaper than the tesco ones.
This offer started last weekend I think - I mentioned it on the debenhams schoolwear post yesterday!
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