Tesco Internet Phone HALF PRICE only £7.48 + £5 CALLTIME!

Tesco Internet Phone HALF PRICE only £7.48 + £5 CALLTIME!

Found 1st May 2007
Tesco E337 Corded USB Internet Phone

The great value starter pack contains everything you need to begin making calls in minutes.
Whats included?

* USB internet phone
* Installation disc
* £5 calltime e-voucher
* Installation guide

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HALF PRICE Was £14.97, Now £7.48

Calls are FREE to other Tesco phone users and only 2p a minute to UK landlines! Full rates available at tescointernetphone.com/abo…es/


These work with skype by the way.

Know someone who bought one of these recently at a boot sale still sealed in the plastic for the grand sum of £4.00. Not bad for the phone and £5.00 credit :O

cool was gonna ask if they worked with skype:)

nice - just bought - thx

Beware these do not work on a Mac.

I have one of these for Skype. I just wish I could get my FF128 wireless Tesco one to work with Skype and Tesco :?
It would be a whole lot better than having two USB ports used up.

also not compatible with vista apparently.


also not compatible with vista apparently.

What is compatible with Vista? :whistling:


also not compatible with vista apparently.

I can confirm these [SIZE="2"]DO[/SIZE] work with vista withoput any messing about they work straight from the pack with the included disc which doesnt actually contain any drivers but instead takes you straight online so you are always getting the latest version!

these are on again by the way....

I have this working with ViopBusterPro & Skype:thumbsup: but NOT Tesco Voip:?

Ok, that's good, and these phones are still on offer until 26 August. If you haven't registered them yet, take a look at ]the deal I posted.

[SIZE=4][COLOR=SeaGreen]1000 clubcard points for each new account when you register and top up with a tenner!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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