Tesco - John West Tuna Steak x 4 No drain in spring water £1.50 in store purchase

Tesco - John West Tuna Steak x 4 No drain in spring water £1.50 in store purchase

Found 29th Nov 2014
Found in my local Tesco's but no price displayed so when I asked the store to scan the price it came out at £1.50 "Bargain", so I bought three which was all that was on the self. Not sure if it available in other Tesco's.
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... not sure if it available in other Tesco's?

Difficult to say, not knowing where your local Tesco is
heat added. good find
Sorry forgot to mention the store is Millom Cumbria.
You need to put the price & merchant in the deal title, too
Cheers Shambles I have followed your advice and changed the details.
Now yer talkin'
Always good to have a few tins in the cupboard, cheers OP
nice find op, heat
Ta OP.
Strange, I've never seen the steak in a 4 pack before, not that I think you've photoshop'd the picture!
Avoid John West.

Horrible brand that uses huge FADs (Fish Aggregation Devices) to decimate tuna populations and kill other species.

It's clearly a mis-price anyway as someone at the branch has entered the price of the 1 pack (£1.50) as the 4 pack.





And this method of fishing is just horrible.


Far better to go for Sainsburys, Waitrose etc. The Sainsburys ones also have pole and line clearly printed on the top of the tin. As well as being more sustainable, preventing harm to other species, it also helps the local community through jobs for the local fishermen. Triple win.

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Heat added
This was posted month or more ago. Didn't think for one moment nearest Tesco which is a Metro store would have these (the range of most things is very disappointing!) but weeks after seeing previous thread, they had quite a few of these 4-pack No Drain tins @ £1.50. A member of staff mentioned they had bought ten packs due to price being so cheap. Moments later all the shelves were empty!
Please don't buy John West - this company are scum
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