TESCO - Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice  2 x 5kg for £10

TESCO - Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice 2 x 5kg for £10

Found 3rd Mar 2011
I saw this on the tesco website too.

Very nice rice.

It is a long basmati rice, cooks well & a great price for 2 x 5kg for £10
This is normally £7 each
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yep - good rice and good price
Excellent rice far better than T**da our Indian friends were most impressed.
£1.00/kilo is this a sign of the times or a return to normality?
even in asda same price 5kg 5pound from long time..

even in asda same price 5kg 5pound from long time..

Asda £8.21 for 5 kilos Kohinoor Standard rice........

This is Kohinoor Gold @ £1.00/kilo
good rice & price . Even available online same price, but delivery charges applicable
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i bought the platinum kohinoor last week
price tag showed £8 but scaned as £5.79

was it a mis price or has price really been lowered?
love this rice got 4 last time they were on offer, recently bought rice from amazon will compare the quality to decide which to buy more of!
Top rice. It's great either pan, microwave or cooker cooked.
just got back from tesco and confirm the deal in leicester hamilton is live
also the platinum we bought about 5 days ago for 5.79 has shot up to 12.50
staff there said we should have taken the kohinoor platinum deal at 5.79, but we thought it was a misprice maybe,and thought lets try them out
still not got round to trying them....but ive heard there good
Went to my local tesco's and they are out of stock. I went to the customer services desk and said I would like to have the deal 2 x 5kg for £10.00
The staff never knew about the voucher scheme so I told them to ring head office because all major shops offer them. They checked with the instore manager and he said I was right so they gave me a voucher to use when they get some more stock in.
will ask my tesco about this offer and if no stock which seems to be the norm when there is a rice rush on, i will ask for a voucher.
We always use kohinoor brand rice and its very nice rice.
Normaly tesco sale this rice for £5.50 (most of time)
Kohinoor rice been on sale so many times
Thanks i'm down to my last few kg,
Incidentally why do supermarkets not do decent size bags of sticky rice? ..I'm finding it has more flavour & enjoy "balling" it prior to bunging on a dribble of sashimi soy, had a few days on pretty much rice only (don't ask) but find that the sticky is just miles above plain old basmati every time.
How long does it keep ? 10kg of rice would probably last us a few years

How long does it keep ? 10kg of rice would probably last us a few years

This might sound tight but I would find someone to half the contents of one bag with.
Very Rice...Verrrry Rice !

How long does it keep ? 10kg of rice would probably last us a few years

100g per person so if two people have rice once a week then it will be gone in a year.

Very Rice...Verrrry Rice !

It is! X)

Thanks OP.
Thanks, I love my Basmati rice!
Went to get the rice at my local tesco in Seacroft, Leeds and they were out of stock. Mentioned the voucher and nobody had heard of it. I even rang customer service and they said that it stopped a few years ago. Can anybody provide details or a number to phone to clarify this please?
Hi Sorry I should have told you that the Tesco voucher is called 'special promise' also known as raincheck vouchers.
At sainsburys they are called 'Special coupons'
At Asda they are called 'Smiley vouchers'

Yeah I forgot to say if you don't call the vouchers by the correct name they try to fob you of but stick to your guns and you will get your vouchers, also it depends what shop you go to cause some just don't want to give them to you. When they play hard ball call ther head office don't bother with customer services they are sometimes a waste of time and are not always cluded up with there own products.
I hope this helps, well it does with me everytime
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