Found 17th Jun 2008
Be gentle! First deal, think its a good one! Cant find it posted before, so apoligies if Im just useless!!

Just been into my local tesco, some great offers on outdoors stuff.

Just got the stainless steel bollard lights (2 pack) reduced from £30 to £6.75

Also stainless steel marker lights (4pack) reduced from £20 to £4.50

Lots of others reduced too but these seemed to have the biggest savings. Just looked online and even though theyve been reduced theyre still more expensive than instore!
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Showing at 22.50 for me :whistling: - looking at wrong thing:oops:
As I said, this was instore!!

Just linked to them online to show the details.
I apologise, just read this again, if you can find them instore than this is a great deal:thumbsup:
My local tesco in Wishaw, had loads, right at the door with all the half price offers!
They were full price on Sunday whne I was in shopping, so obviously a reduction thats just happend yesterday or today!
Tempted by these, might stop the kids stumbling into the flowerbeds on their way down the garden. I know they don't give off a lot of light, but they'll be ok as markers.

Hot, I'll have a look later!

I just legged it down to Tesco in Cardiff (Pengam green) and these were still priced at £22.50 (Originally £60), so I took one to the till to be price checked and yes it scanned at £6.75

I bought 3 pairs cost me £20.25, will look great on my new decking. They are quite big ,just above the knee on me and I'm 5' 11"

Heat and rep added
Same here, just picked up 3 pairs for £20.25 and 2 pairs of the smaller ones which went through at £2.50.
Great bargain, not expecting a great amount of light from these. Heatted & repped.
Just been to my local Tesco (Crawley) bought 4 sets at £6.75 marked up at £22.50 but scanned fine.
Thans alot Graet Deals
great deal, but non in Bromborough, Wirral
Just got some. 2 boxes for 6.75 each. also got the small ones for 2.75 (pair of chrome in a box) which I bought the other day for 7.50!!!
Also got a lazy susan for £6 should have been £30 so many thanks. Heat and rep added for a fantastic first deal. xx
Quality firs post! Heated and repped!

Just what I was after, I've been looking at outdoor lighting for ages and couldn't make my mind up, these will do a treat and look quite nice to boot... Top work
Oh, forgot to add. Assistant instore also said that there will be more reductions on thursday, so heads up!
£2.25 for a pair http://direct.tesco.com/pi/Enlarge/1/SS08202-9241TPS297164.jpg
They had these in mine too, although the one staff member was legging it out of the door with the last ones:x!
Heat! :thumbsup:
good deal voted hot
Are these any good or are they rubbish?

A similar Woolworths solar lights deal was posted not so long ago and they are apparently not very good.
Non left at the Longton Tesco (Stoke). Might save someone a trip.
heat added got some today thanks op - the stainless steel bollard lights are very good quality
Thanks and heat added, got a couple myself and one pack of the markers, but just read on the site that the markers come with a cable, thinking whether to go back and change it for the smaller ones the others picked up as i dont like the idea of running a cable to the markers.....good find!!.
just got the last box in newcastle(kingston park) heat added
Heat and rep

Just went to my local tesco's in Stratford Upon Avon picked up 5 pairs

Bargin @ £33.75 go nice on my new decking

another great tesco deal just got 3 boxes in beccles were last 3 on the shelf sorry to anyone who wanted them.goes well with my 6 aluminium and oak recliners i got the other day for £16.98 each.tesco's are saving me a small fortune atm :-D

thanks loads for the heads up
[COLOR="Blue"]thanks for that, got 5 packs, my garden will look cool! heat, rep added! :thumbsup:[/COLOR]
Got the bollards and 2 set of markers...........just waiting for it to get dark now :whistling:

Grimsby store had some markers but no bollards, Cleethorpes have lots of both.
Just ran to tesco, the only had the marker light but for £4.50 i was really impressed. Heat and rep added
does anyone know if the stone lights are reduced too?
I wonder if it's worth going to my local Tesco Extra at this time... I'm guessing they'll be sold out by now...
I would say go look!!

Ive been in 3 tescos today, looking for a dress.

Got these reduced in my local tesco, but other 2 had them on shelf at full price, but scanning cheaper! So go look, you may be lucky! Just left a tesco half an hour ago that had tons marked at full price!!!

just been to my local tesco and got 4 pairs :thumbsup: thanks op rep added
really pleased got a pair for mil graveside and 3 pairs for my garden :thumbsup:
they were priced at £22 odd but scanned at £6.75 i scanned a few other's but they were marked price, this must be a misprice so be quick, even the woman who served me said what a good price it was.
picked up two sets today great find!
nice 1st deal congrats will have a look for these tomorrow thanks. heat added
In my experience, these solar powered lights give off so little illumination, even the moths aren't interested.

Surely these things are just an excuse to spend money?
It's a good deal ..... but these are cheap Chinese tat

Not only are the lights very poor, but they only last a couple of years outside before the plastic parts fade, go brittle and water seeps in, or the solar cell degrades.

Slightly OT, but the wider picture is that China buys in raw materials, pushing up global prices so that we can buy stuff for £1.99 which lasts five minutes. And we love it

So not the bargain they appear to be. IMO
well if the 6 i got today last me 2 years they would have cost me 0.02p per day so im not worried if they are cheap tat,They look the part and seem pretty good quality to me .
ill have a look for these tonight, probably not have luck, but worth a try - hot deal
Has anybody tried the New Oscott store ?
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