Tesco Lichfield - Store closes today 11 Jan at 4pm - sell off
Tesco Lichfield - Store closes today 11 Jan at 4pm - sell off

Tesco Lichfield - Store closes today 11 Jan at 4pm - sell off

Tesco Store Lichfield is closing today, to allow a new store to be built. Just been in, meat half price, and other goods being sold off. Limited local interest, but worth popping in if nearby.


Could get some good deals if you live near by

:)hot for me . right on my doorstep

shame people dont put more local deals on. Heading this way today so will be calling in....Heat added

Went in earlier this week, and was told by staff that there wouldn't be any reductions as all stock was being transferred at the end of today to the Brownhills store :?

Still voted hot though :thumbsup:


Tesco Store Lichfield is closing today...


...to allow a new store to be built


Damn - I thought for a moment the all-subsuming monster might have suffered a small setback in its plans for world domination.

Damn - I thought the Tesco haters would take Sunday off (and give those of us looking a bargain some peace)!

Thanks for the heads up. I just got back and unless you like pork chops, you're going to be out of luck.

Couldn't see any signs saying half price though? Was it just taken off at the check out?

Lichfield is a fair distance away from me (I'm from Swansea) but I had to drive up to Sheffield a few days ago and coincidentally my Nokia N95's sat nav took me through Lichfield! I decided to pop into that Tesco store and to be honest, I did have a good few bargains, mostly food and drink though so I could survive the long journey!

Very friendly people there, I must admit. The staff in the petrol station were extremely helpful (my N95's battery had died on me and had to ask for directions).

We have a new Tesco, It was closed for 11 months, I am not impressed with the new one it seems to be just much more of the same so further to walk for anything you might want. I like Tesco but I am disappointed with our new store. I hope yours is better when it's built.


Damn - I thought the Tesco haters would take Sunday off

Ooh - there's more than one of us? Yippee! :w00t:

Seriously though, if you see the way the company buys up sites to stop its competitors doing so, or the way it sues newspapers which discover and report that it is evading taxes, perhaps you might just see the other side of things. Not to mention the fact that it refuses to put colours on the nutritional guidelines, unlike, eg, Sainsbury's (which I'm sure does plenty of bad things too, being another mega conglomerate).

If i had known would have bunked off work to go lol

Why does anyone think that tesco would have sales just because their replacing a store! Tesco's aren't idiots, they just transfer stock to another store nearby.

Probably because it's cheaper to sell it off than to transfer it elsewhere, especially when you consider perishable goods.
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