Tesco Longlife Orange or Apple Juice 4½ litres for £1

Tesco Longlife Orange or Apple Juice 4½ litres for £1

LocalFound 28th Apr 2011
Seen today in-store, Tesco own Orange or Apple 1.5litre long life juice for 50p each and on 3 for 2 so 4.5litres for £1. All scanned OK but can not see on Tesco online and showing out of stock at mysupermarket but plenty on the shelf at my local

Shelf edge label showed promotion on til 22/05/11
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Thanks...will check at my local.
Looks like they are clearing out the 1.5 litre size.
There is a 3 for 2 on juice at the moment.
Damn this is hot. All closed until tomorrow now though. Lidl had cheapest 1.5L deal yesterday but it was half water so really 0.75litres. Real fruit is rotten this time of year.
Whuh? Nothing closed for the wedding?
Is it worth the journey, nah, enough fruit in my hot cross bunnies still. But thanks op.
Ooh, which store(s), Extra, normal, Express etc?
shame its only apple and orange, ... still hot !
Tesco Value isn't bad value either, 34p/ litre of tomato juice, 3l for 68p.
a one-off i feel......this stuff cannot be found!!!! don't seem to do 1.5l now...must be old stock
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