Tesco Minced Beef Hotpot Reduced to 40p instore

Tesco Minced Beef Hotpot Reduced to 40p instore

LocalFound 30th Mar
I’m guessing there won’t be many of these left as a lot of Tesco ready meal we’re on clearance a few weeks ago but found a few of these for 40p. They were in the freezers with other meals at the Walsgrave store. Only a couple left and there was no label for them. Had it scanned at a till.
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Thanks OP!
Very cheap so will vote hot but it looks vile.

Still have to find a ready meal that isn't bland and that's comparable to the homemade version of the dish.

For example, all macaroni and cheese I tried as ready meals (the finest range, extra special etc. included) are watery, have no cheese taste and need some salt badly.

If I want some,I just make them myself nowadays and they are a quick dish anyway.
Have to admit to getting one of these a couple of weeks ago (there were loads of different types of meal but I went for this one) as had been on hospital visits and couldn't face the thought of cooking at 22:00 ... Chose this one and it was surprisingly very good, the carrots were slightly under done but it tasted well nice! Heat OP!
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Bit equine for my tastes.
they had pretty much all their £1 ready meals on clearance recently. sold out of them all about a month back in the Leigh store at 50p each. probably not too many stores with anything left now.

i ended up getting a few of the toad in the holes
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