Tesco mobile PAYG Sim deals 8p/min

Tesco mobile PAYG Sim deals 8p/min

Found 29th Jan 2010
Was looking for a cheap PAYG tariff. ASDA mobile is 8p/min anytime any network.

Also, current offer includes £10 when £5 Sim card is bought. Was uneasy about the recent offer of £10 free for a 99p simcard, so this appears to be a safer deal for a basic simcard.

NB. Was initially Asda mobile not Tesco, but unable to change image.


The tesco charges you quote are for the triple credit tariff, they also do a payg lite tariff which has the same charges as asda.


You will have to phone up their customer service to switch to this tariff though as the SIMs always seem to be on the triple credit one by default.

You can also purchase a tesco sim with £10 topup included for £5:


Or get one on ebay for about the same price but it might have upto £20 credit.

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The Tesco sim is actually better value! Phoned them up, asking if you can change from standard to the lite tariff, and they say they dont advertise it but you can do. Therefore £5 gets you £10 credit, at the same price as Asda.

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Cold for data users.

Asda call/text is the same (8p/4p) but data is much cheaper @20p/mb - ideal if using for light use like checking your mailbox. Indeed data is not available if you have the original Tesco Value SIM switched to Lite.

(I switch to a Virgin SIM @30p/day for heavier data use).

i would find asda (vodafone) better than tesco (o2). Of course it may work vice versa for you!

"To switch to our new
Pay as you go Lite tariff
call our Customer Care team
on 4455 from your
Tesco Mobile phone."

I've just unpacked a Tesco SIM card for my mum and called Tesco to switch it to the 'Lite' tariff and port her current number.

I asked about the tariff first and was told that it's only for customers that are threatening to leave their network. I said it says nothing like that on their website. I had to tell him how I got to the website, i.e. via Google, and he did the same. He checked the page and put me on hold while he spoke to a supervisor.

He came back a moment later and said OK, that's done now. So I don't know if he was just initially given the wrong information, or the supervisor over-rode the system.

I then asked to port a number and he said it was difficult now (due to the tariff change request) and he wished I'd asked him to do that thing first! He put me on hold again...

He eventually came back and said both changes had been done. So all's well, that ends well.

But it's worth bearing in mind, Tesco phone operators might be telling people that the 'Lite' tariff is not generally available.

To confuse matters further, I've just specifically ordered a free 'Lite' SIM card for my wife viaTesco's website, so it appears it can be done. Whether Tesco send me a SIM configured for the 'Lite' tariff is another matter!

Edit: I'd be interested to know if anyone has successfully ordered the £10 credit for £5 SIM mentioned in post #2, switched to the 'Lite' tariff and not lost the 'bonus' credit.
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