(Tesco Mobile PAYUGO SIM with £10 top-up)  £5  DELIVERED@Tesco

(Tesco Mobile PAYUGO SIM with £10 top-up) £5 DELIVERED@Tesco

Found 6th Feb 2009
A Tesco Mobile SIM with £10 top-up loaded on to start you off.
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Can you order another simcard to get cheap delivery?:whistling:
there was also an advert on tv the other day where when you top up by 15 quid you recieve 30 quid extra
Their phones have £10 free credit on too if under £50 & £20 credit for over £50.

Also double minutes on top ups at mo.

Just joined tesco mobile for the clubcard points.

Every little helps.

Heat/rep added.
Fantastic. Just bought a shredder that I need - added a sim card that I can use and received free delivery.
Credit only valid for a month:whistling:

Credit only valid for a month:whistling:

The £10 already on the sim does not expire, if you topup £15 then that £15 does not expire. They give you £30 as a free bonus and that is what expires after a month.
Just popped the first of these in my phone - there is 20p credit on it !!

Update ... £10 added some 36 hours after making a call
I think you get £10 of top-up for £5 plus the extra £10 to be used within a month (£20 in total) as I've just had three texts confirming. I would have posted as my 1st deal but credit to sohood. They class the1st £10 as a top-up and then the 2nd £10 is the free credit. I got mine on the 15th for £5 (with a £5.49 Oxford motorbike lock plus a 2 tonne tow rope for £4.99) but they are now showing as £9.78 and out of stock.
These are £9.78 now.
£4.89 now!
can the free credit be used to buy Mobile games without using your £10 topup
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