Tesco Mobile Phone/MP3/Sat Nav Holder - £3.50 *Instore* @ Tesco

Tesco Mobile Phone/MP3/Sat Nav Holder - £3.50 *Instore* @ Tesco

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Was looking for a mobile phone holder for my San Francisco in order to take advantage of the in-car mode, including sat nav and phone dialling features. This one has a long neck and leaves the camera (good for recording your journeys), speaker, and charge port on the San Francisco clear. This makes you fully legal for handsfree use on the road, so no £60 fines plus penalty points. Probably best used in conjunction with a bluetooth headset.

Not sure if the in-car mode is on there as standard, but it is there for anyone upgrading to 2.2 or 2.3 roms.

Holder opens from 4cm to 10.5cm (approx).


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Heat added!! I want one! x

Deffo hot, the antics I have to endure in my super mini!

Walking via town and Tesco tomorrow.
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what width does this open to?

You know I've never tried that in car mode on my san fran, running 2.3 on it at the mo, one of these is just what I'm looking for, ta muchly :-)

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what width does this open to?

Label says 4cm to 10.5cm. You can just about squeeze in the San Francisco the long way, but not sure if it presses on the power button.

The Sanfrancisco mic is blocked if cradled as pictured.

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The Sanfrancisco mic is blocked if cradled as pictured.

Good point! Cradled the other way (goes in at a squeeze on full setting) it is exposed and the camera and power button are covered.

I only know this from experience as no one could hear me on loudspeaker, I end up having to clamp the phone in position from the sides to leave the bottom free seems the best solution, be it visually unappealing.

seems good

excellent - get one when I'm next in Tescos.

Only problem, is that the san francisco battery life when running navigation is so poor (_;) it'll only be of any use for short journeys !!oO
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A cig lighter charger will be your next purchase, keeps it charged up too It's a standard Micro USB socket although not entirely certain which version it is (there's a few standard ones and it's not the most popular one).

I can vouch for this usb ciggy lighter charger - I have one in each car amazon.co.uk/Pro…8-1

If you can't find one at Tesco - same or similar for £2.99 at 7dayshop.com/cat…574 although I appreciate purchasing at Tesco might be more convenient for some

if you want an incar charger that will go straight from the cig/power socket to mini usb i'd save £5 and go for this:


i have had one for over a year and it is going strong... sadly i paid £1.07 for it... tut tut tut..

Just as a tip, make sure you take it out when you leave the car and also wipe away the circles it leaves behind. Gives scrotes less reason to break in your car to look for stuff.

Seems like a great price to pay to turn your phone into a sat nav. Heat added

I'm pretty sure I bought this when I got the San Fran a few months ago, if it's the one with the flexible neck it bounces all over the place when on the move, even on a motorway. I ended up buying one with a rigid neck from a T-Mobile shop for a couple of quid more!

This cradle does cause the phone to bounce around while driving, if you adjust it so that it rests on the dash it's fine, and I have use it a few times like this with no problems, good little cradle for the money.

I just went to my local tesco extra store (Colney Hatch Lane) -- but it is not stocked there. It isn't on tesco direct either .. so I wish I could buy this, but can't seem to locate it.

FYI, alternate products from ebay :

£1.21 + £1.99 postage = £3.20 : http://****.co.uk/ws/…887

Or £2.95 : http://****.co.uk/ws/…378

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