Tesco Mobile Samsung Solid M110 - £36.64 Delivered (inc £20 free airtime)!!

Tesco Mobile Samsung Solid M110 - £36.64 Delivered (inc £20 free airtime)!!

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Great deal this on a rather nice looking phone.. built for those who smash it around. £36.64 delivered with £20 airtime - bargain IMO.

**It says there's only £20 free airtime with phones costing over £50, but when you add to the basket it still has £20 added in!!**

"The Tesco Mobile Samsung M110 comes in a rugged extra tough design with a VGA camera. The M110 has a built-in FM radio enabling you to listen to music on the move and provides access to WAP and internet style web pages. This bluetooth compatible phone also features a hands-free speakerphone, allowing you to take calls on the go. "


Might be that I am not getting this but on site it says that £20 free airtime is with phones OVER £50?


Might be that I am not getting this but on site it says that £20 free … Might be that I am not getting this but on site it says that £20 free airtime is with phones OVER £50?

agreed. You dont get £20 with them!

There is no more quidco for Tesco Mobile PAYG. :x

Fixed this. It has £10 free airtime.

EDIT: No, Emasu is right. It SHOULD have £10 free airtime but adds it as £20 free airtime at checkout. Added a note of this in the OP. :thumbsup:


review … review herehttp://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/04/23/review_samsung_m110_solid/

Looks good, hot!

Anyone managed to unlock one?



Anyone managed to unlock one?

When I got one of these for my dad a month ago I looked into unlocking and soon decided it would be better just to get a i-SmartSim instead, see the deal hotukdeals.com/ite…tt/.

I can confirm that the i-SmartSim from that deal works with the Samsung Solid and his T-Mobile SIM so you can use it instead of getting the phone unlocked. :-D

I am going to go with an i-Smartsim but for those who want to get Tesco to unlock it the current rules are as follows:
If phone is > 90 days old and has been topped up £25+ then unlocking is free
If phone is

got one of these last time tesco had on offer, good phone ,got mine unlocked and debranded by fonefunshop, cost a tenner plu a couple of quid postage, great service from them

Hi' the reason this is coming up with £20 free credit is because it was £54.00 this is a Deal Of The Day.

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This was on yesterday also


This phone looks BIG.

If it was small. I'd have one. Not at this size tho. *sad face*


Found these pics too.

i think they have pulled this, ordered two yesterday,got confirmation email then got another saying problem with my card and they had canceled. so reordered with another card and they did the same again


There is no more quidco for Tesco Mobile PAYG. :x

nor virgin mobile or john lewis (both pulled out last few weeks), quidco isnt too hot at moment, no replies to my enquires either

Unlocked my one today.

Anyone interested in doing the same, then let me know!!

Well, mine turned up yesterday with someone else's invoice in it! But the £20 top-up went on fine making this a great deal. I did try the market today to get it unlocked, but no joy. iI anyone knows how to unlock the Solid, I'd be grateful, thanks!

Earwigg check your pm, dont know if i can post the deals on the fourm.

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bump.. now back on but £34.97!


bump.. now back on but £34.97!

Looks like it's now reduced to £34.97 as part of a general offer of £20 off phones over £50 - but doesn't seem to have the additional £20 free airtime that made the original post so attractive - unless I've missed something .... which is always a possibility
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