TESCO mobile SIM  (and get FREE CREDIT)   (this deal started 2day 30th OCT)

TESCO mobile SIM (and get FREE CREDIT) (this deal started 2day 30th OCT)

Found 30th Oct 2008
Signup for your free Tesco mobile sims and get free credit whatever you top-up.

topup £10 you get £10 free.
topup £15 you get £30 free.
topup £20 you get £40 free.


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very good for using as a emergency sim.

ordered 2 thank you - heat added

you don't get the free credit unless you top up

I notice a lot of folk are voting this cold - please can you post reasons 'cos my wife is after a PAYG SIM and I can't see what's wrong with this deal. :thumbsup:

Perhaps the title ought to say "and get free credit when you top-up "

Full terms & conditions ]here.

this is not a freebee as you have to pay £10 - pluys there are other PAYG deals that have better prices

Does anybody see why I couldn't use the 'ping me a pound service' to transfer the credit to my other Tesco Sim?

Obviously I would have a month to do it before the credit expired.

so its not free credit then? its double your credit???

Thanks Ordered. Seems like an OK deal to me and the T&Cs couldn't be clearer.

heated up. cheers

My daughter already with tesco payg .we had 2 opt in to this tariff but were really pleased because they gave us the £10 free credit without having to top up as she had already topped up at beginning of month . We usually top up about once a month but this way might get away with every two as it uses the free credit first..
didn't get the deal off here but still hot deal £10 free is always good

i posted this a few days ago seems to have dissapered any ideas any1?

quidco at £2 too .. !

thanks i need a spare
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