Tesco Motor Oil 5w-30 Fully Synthetic 4L - £6.50. Instore

Tesco Motor Oil 5w-30 Fully Synthetic 4L - £6.50. Instore

Found 8th Jun 2017
Popped into Tesco Gillingham fuelling station this morning and found all their range of motor oils reduced. Various grades and prices, cheapest for 4 litres was £4.00, believe it was 10w-40 Semi-Synthetic, all grades were heavily reduced.

I grabbed a couple of the 5w-30 Ford High Mileage Fully-Synthetic at £6.50 each, usually £20.

Doesn't seem to have 'filtered' through to online yet, took a few days the last time they had an oil stock clean-out.

Worth considering if you fancy having a change...
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Just a thought but it might be worthwhile stocking up with synthetic engine oil.

The reason is the escalating problems in Qatar. Qatar is where Shell's huge (and only) Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) plant is located. If for whatever reason has to shut down, it will seriously limit the amount of hydrocracked Group III base oil for making synthetic lubricants.

At £6.50 this Tesco 5W30 is a steal. I might see if I can grab a few cans to store in the garage.
Good find .got some thanks
Is this nationwide ?
It did go nationwide last time but cannot vouch for it this time round. Would be strange for one to do it and not for the others to follow suit. If anyone finds some somewhere other than Gillingham, I'm sure others will post if and where found.
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Eff off, the geese are hissing with derision

I filled my trolley only to be totally embarrassed at checkout when every oil can registered at full price !

Store specific - don't bother
Always a top idea to check comments and price tags before ramming your trolley full. Folkestone Petrol Station had some reduced price tags but none left on shelf.
Restocked at Gillingham Petrol Station at 19:00, full shelves.
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