Tesco MSM10 Mini Sewing Machine - £14 @ Tesco (Instore)

Tesco MSM10 Mini Sewing Machine - £14 @ Tesco (Instore)

Found 19th Sep 2011
Was unsure whether to post as don't know whether this is nationwide or not, and it's definitely instore only (web link to Tesco Direct gives full price only - not available online).

But the Tesco MSM 10 Mini Sewing Machine has been marked down from £59.97 to £20ish on the sale shelves. Then scanning at £14 at checkout.

Deal found at Tesco Newport Cardiff Road. 2 more on shelf, box opened though.

I was just about to pick up the Lidl annual sewing machine for £59.99 which comes into stock on Thursday 22nd September. So saved myself a bit of cash.
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think its nationwide had loads in the solihull store on sunday
I saw one of these on the shelf today, had read it was scanning at £20, stood there trying to talk myself out of it cos i know i will never use it! But at £14 it might make a good pressie for my nine year old dd, with supervision!!
Thought it might help someone out. I think it was marked £29 on shelves, but, obviously, further reduced.
Thanks, I will check my local tomorrow. A friend of mine was after a sewing machine for her daughter
I like it.
Amazing the amount of posts for Tesco deals.
How many Tescos staff are posting on this site?
Wow, that is great. It looks similar to the Janome sewing machine I bought my niece a few years ago! (She wanted the Hello Kitty one so it cost a small fortune getting it from the US).

It's basic but it would be up to a lot of tasks.http://i.ebayimg.com/00/$(KGrHqIOKocE3H!+ic3pBN8SIEWheg~~_3.JPG

The basic model of this Janome (without the Hello Kitty bumpf) is about £80 or so. 8 stitches as opposed to this one's 10, though. Still Hot.
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Sorry for the huge picture.

I go to Tesco quite often anyway, so it's no skin off my nose to visit. I don't think it's Tesco staff, probably people trying to get heat, which isn't a bad thing.
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will check out my tesco as could do with a little machine
Make it sew.
I'm sure this will make many wives happy at Christmas

I'm sure this will make many wives happy at Christmas

It made mine happy the other day when she got home from work, and I tell her there's a new sewing machine on the table. Before you all say that I have confined my wife to a life of domestic slavery, she geniunely wanted one. Anyway, happy this posting helped some people.
None at the Hampton Peterborough store if anyone was thinking of checking
anyone find one in the northwest? want one and cant find it in my local in blackburn.
Hope someone can would greatly appreciate someone picking one up for me.
I got this for £6.00 in store today, SEL said £14
Why is this in hukd Tesco Direct section ??
Why is it Reduced in the shop yet not online?????????

Is this another Tesco H/O Con to get you into any store ?

Too many deals too many Tesco stores...........
My misses managed to get one a mini sewing machine, however, the instructions and the hook cover plate was missing. After contacting Tesco, they have sent me a link to the instructions, but if anyone knows how I can get a replacement hook cover plate, of if your machine breaks and wants to provide the part, I would happily pay a couple of quid and postage. We dont want to return it as it was a bargain.

Link to instructions for info:

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