Tesco No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card @ Tesco Bank - £30.30 cashback @ TCB

Tesco No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card @ Tesco Bank - £30.30 cashback @ TCB

LocalFound 6th May 2016
Fee free balance transfer and £30.30 cashback via TCB plus Clubcard points on purchases.

Also £30.30 on their 21 month interest free for purchases card
Put all your spending on the credit card and put the cash in their current account at 3% interest tescobank.com/cur…ts/
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didn't get from them lost track so cold
tesco also refused my claim for clubcard points when I applied via Comparethemarket and told me they never heard of any promotion. no wonder the company is losing customers daily
Would it be bad for me to apply for this as I only applied for the £31.50 Top Cachback yesterday for the Post Office credit card?
Did this last week, the cashback tracked and is pending
I always get Tesco cashback declined
I applied for this before through Quidco. It tracked perfectly but then they declined it for no reason. Quidco didn't allow me to raise a claim so I simply cancelled the card. Really it was a dishonest and sneaky thing for them to do!
Tesco. Credit card cash back. Never going to happen.
Applied for this approx 3-4 weeks ago via Topcashback. It tracked fine for me and have received a payout from Topcashback today of £30.30!!
Massive warning anything thinking of applying for a Credit Card from Tesco Bank

First statement had a charge on it, I'd assumed the first month had been the balance transfer fee, when a similar amount appeared on this month, it's clear they're charging me interest despite the balance transfer apparently being free.

I phoned up their help line and the response I got was that, despite their website saying it was 0% on payments to banks and 0% for credit cards, that the offer I had applied for was only for credit cards and that I should have applied for a specific bank card..

I'm not convinced I was ever even given the option (was sure I was applying for a general balance transfer card), let alone it made clear that there was a difference between the options.

They've escalated my complaint, if all doesn't go smoothly I'm stuck paying £40 a month interest on a balance I can't afford to pay off (the money was used to close other cards).
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