Tesco Ogio Pinot Grigio - 3 for £12

Tesco Ogio Pinot Grigio - 3 for £12

Found 9th Aug 2012
Usually £9.99 a bottle now 3 for £12 not only is that a bargain but buy six bottles and save a further £3, £59.94 down to £21.00 for six bottles.


how do you get a further £3 off?

Usually £9.99 a bottle

have to LOL at that
it's like when Banrock Station is on offer and they claim that the rrp is a tenner a bottle, you'd have to be clinically insane to actually believe that...

Well this is usually a fiver a bottle so still a good price.

is it any good?

This is £4 wine.

Not good enough for withabix obviously but yes, it is very nice - I bought 6 today!


is it any good?

pay < 4 quid a bottle and it's fine, it's just a pleasant, light, easy drinking white wine.


how do you get a further £3 off?

you get 5% off for buying 6 bottles this comes off full price 9.99 x 6 = 59.94
deducts 3.00 discount and also 35.24 because it is 3 for £12.
so £12 and £12 is £24 less £3 discount = £21 to pay
works out £3.50 per bottle

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Thanks masra for explaining it clearer, this is my first ever post on hot deals. It is very drinkable !
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