Tesco Online: Powerbreathe fitness from £29.97 to £7.49
Tesco Online:  Powerbreathe fitness from £29.97 to £7.49

Tesco Online: Powerbreathe fitness from £29.97 to £7.49

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(Apologies if its been posted before - couldn't see it listed)
Dont know if its in-store too

POWERbreathe is a hand-held drug-free inspiratory muscle trainer designed to reduce breathlessness and improves fitness and maximises sports performance.

Available in a range of POWERbreathe models that can be progressively increased in resistance as your breathing improves. Experience the benefits of POWERbreathe after only 4 weeks by using the tried-and-tested programme of just 30 breaths twice a day.

Recommended for anyone already participating in regular exercise and looking to improve their level of fitness, this Fitness model strengthens the breathing muscles, reducing the effort of any activity and increasing whole body endurance.


Are they any good

Two problems with this item. Reducing to 30 breaths twice a day might affect my long term health, and might feel like a bit of f*nny with one of those sticking out of my mouth at the gym.

Not sure if they're any good, but looking at the manufacturers website it looks all a bit to gimicky to me... i mean, they have a Ironman version, and a Irongirl version in pink... what's all that about??:thinking:

They're not for use in the gym they are for training the breathing muscles allowing a greater recovery and more oxygen to get into the body quicker once trained up with them.

A great idea for serious athletes i feel but most people won't need one. nevertheless a great deal tho as they can be expensive and if they are for you then the price is worth it altho most people wont be at the level needed for this to be beneficial...anyone training for the 2012 olympics might find this gives them an edge in competition tho especially in hard competitive sports!

Just what the wife needs!

unfortunately, its already out of stock.

Just what the wife needs!

Lol. Aye I bet! :-D Most woman don't get out of breath in one and a half minutes Owl,do they?

Garbage gimmick had something similar used it for 2 weeks and didnt notice any difference


Good price, thanks aztech

Still available, thanks for the reminder kensington143
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