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Tesco Opticians, Half Price Contact Lenses, Eg, Focus Dailies £5 For 30 = Both Eyes £10
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Tesco Opticians, Half Price Contact Lenses, Eg, Focus Dailies £5 For 30 = Both Eyes £10

Posted 10th Jul 2010

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Meant to add this last night. I was at Tesco Opticians yesterday, and got fitted for new contact lenses as my prescription has changed. They're doing a special offer at the moment, 30 dailies for £10, both eyes (not sure about other prices as I only use Focus Dailies All Day Comfort).

Of course I tried buying more but the offer is only restricted to one month's. Not sure if it applies to other varieties of contact lenses. Another good thing about Tesco is that they're open late, til 7pm or 8pm most nights. In my Tesco Extra you can make appointments for Sunday too.

The offer runs out soon but can't remember the exact date! Sorry! The offer doesn't seem to be on the Tesco Optician's website either.

I normally use daysoft but this is cheaper, and a well-known brand.
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Daysoft are still cheaper than this one month offer
More or less the same. I had it in my head daysoft were a bit more expensive. With daysoft you get 32 for £4.99 per eye. Still good for Focus Dailies.

Daysoft are still cheaper than this one month offer

My Wife uses Daysoft 58, (which are the softer lenses) at £9.99 delivered for 32 lenses (both eyes) and they are Great and always this price
Mentioned the price for Daysoft earlier, used them for years thanks to MSE.

I like Daysoft too (Focus Dailies=Daysoft 58) and I'll still be using them. It's not a Daysoft-bashing thread. Just that my eyes get very dry and I find I have to use drops with them (it's my age too, no doubt, in my early 20s I was fine). Dailies seem to be a bit more comfortable.
Any idea if they are this price for astigmatism lenses please?
My prescription has changed and I was told I have slight astigmatism now..though I'm sure if you phone and ask they'll tell you. I have the "ordinary" Dailies lenses, rather than Toric lenses.

Happy to phone up and find out for you.
Thanks anyway I'll get off my lazy **** and go check. Sounds like a nice deal if they do.

EDIT: Little update, the offer isn't for any with astigmatism.
Sorry :-( Must just be regular lenses.
Not your fault. Still a good deal for others.8)
Ive been using daysoft for about 4 months. Often they are fine, but sometimes they dont quite sit right in one of my eyes and I end up fidgiting with it all day. Plus ive noticed that when im outside they give me crystal clear vision but when im watching tele they arent as clear as glasses and irritate me so i take them out if im not going out the rest of the day.

I know its not officiaccly reccomended to use normal lenses as one or both of my eyes have a slight astigmatism. So I went to asda to get some toric ones and a test but the lady just put a normal in my right eye and a toric in my left eye. And if anything they were more problematic than the daysoft ones. SO ive just continued using them. I probably should have another crack at torics though.

And does anyone have any real experience of laser eye treatment? As Ive had phone calls and offers through the post with £200 off etc. What would I realistically expect to pay? As somepeople say its £1000-£2000, yet the laser eye place says from £395 per eye. cheers.
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