Tesco 'Out There' branded toys 75% off rrp see 1st for list. Instore only

Tesco 'Out There' branded toys 75% off rrp see 1st for list. Instore only

Found 19th Sep 2015
If your store had any of these left over from the 50% off in the last few weeks....they are 75% off now. All toys not available in all stores....probably few there & there

Giant Dominoes 2.50 from 10
Giant Checkers 2.50 from 10
Skittles 2.50
Play Sand Bucket £1 from £4 (both pink & boys buckets)
Catchball set 75p from 3
Sand moulds pony shape 35p from ???
Sand moulds sea animal shape 40p from ????
Water balloons 12p
Maui baseball set 1.50 from 6.00
Stack-a-bubble 75p
Swingball 6.25
Rocket ball 6.25

Varies bubbles making toys from 75p - 3.75.
1litre bubble solution 50p

Mookie size 1 cricket set £3 from £13

Other out there stuff which i cant rem as didnt buy cos i believe it to be junk.

Tesco Waterguns cheap but u are better off spending a few extra quid on the nerf waterguns in my opinion.
The tesco pools already listed in other posts.

Minnion scooter £6
Frozen / Avengers folding scooters £5

Kites £1.25 - £2.50
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I got the cricket set for 75p and a training football on elastic that you strap to your leg for £2. heat!!!!
Thank you, nice post, will have a look next time Im in Tescos, xx
Thanks for posting, managed to get the rocketball, football goal for £5, kites and a few of the sand moulds.
Will go and have a look. Heat added thanks
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